Peer to Peer support as Mutual Aid

Recently I came across a great article by a group called Agency. in it they talk about 5 forms of mutual aid that help build and support community.

1)Sharing resources

2) Disaster response

3) Skills sharing

4) Community defense

5) Legal Support

I have one more I would like to add. Peer to Peer support as a form of mutual aid, imho.

P2P support is a term for people that are helping their peers by supporting them.

It can be support with substance use or mental health or homelessness or domestic violence, domestic issues and it could be for parenting for relationships. It's basically a way for the community, for individuals to give back to the community by supporting other people that have like situations in life.

It's important to note that while mutual aid is not dual power it is a very good way to build community and solidarity.

That's why we at Humanity Now focuse on Direct Democracy and Mutual Aid. and dual power as a strategy to build a new society.

Article about 5 forms of Mutual Aid:

Yavor Tarinski talking about Federations and direct democracy

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